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Religious life in Apulum

Apulum was one of the most important political and military centers of Roman Dacia. The two cities, Colonia Aurelia Apulensis and Municipium Septimium Apulense formated near the castrum of XIII Gemina and it’s canabae was a fertile center for the manifestation of the official and private cults.

In my Ph.D. thesis I’ll analyze in details the topic.


The research history of the religious life in Apulum begun with the scientific research of the history of Apulum in the XVIII. century by German and Hungarian scholars. Before them, there were many scholars and polymaths from the XVI – XVII. centuries who examined and made important contributions for the history of Apulum. The religious life of the city will be detalied first in the XIX. century in the works of Neugebaur, Gooss, Mommsen, Cumont and Király Pál. Some religious aspects will appear in the archaeological notes of Cserni Adalbert too.

In the 20th century the research concentrated especially on archaeological excavations and detailed presentations of some important (especially sculptural or epigraphy) pieces. Some authors – most notably Octvian Floca, Mihail Macrea, Alexandru Popa, Ioan Berciu or Closca Baluta – analyzed the local cults of some highly represented deities (Mercurius, Sabasius, Mithras, Iupiter Cimistenus, etc.). Only in the last period begun the using of modern methods of Religionswissenschaft, analyzing the religious life of Apulum as a microregional manifestation of Roman religious dynamism.

A bibliographical list of Apulum’s religious life is still not exist. The same lacunae exists also with a complete bibliography of Apulum. HERE you can see an incomplete list of Apulum’s bibliography (in constant completion)

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