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Religion in Roman Dacia

Since the monograph of W. Jones on the cults of Roman Dacia (1929) the number of votive monuments, sanctuaries and so called votive contexts increased significantly. During the 20th century, e Romanian and international researchers focusing on Dacia produced hundreds of publications, which presented the prime material, after an old, positivist tradition, struggling between the methods of classical archeology and art history.

After 1984, when Mihai Bărbulescu published his seminal work on religious interferences, a new approach emerged, using already the methods of religious studies and archaeology of the cult. Recently, some studies presented already the new trends and possible perspectives of the research, which will need to introduce new methodologies and to contextualize this so called “peripheral province” within the religious market of the Roman Empire. The new approach of the Lived Ancient Religion and Sanctuary Project could serve as a model for the reinterpretation of the rich archaeological material from Dacia.

Ph.D. and book project in preparation:

Sanctuaries in Roman Dacia. Materiality and religious experience (2018)

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