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  Cultul lui Mithras in Apulum (M.A. thesis)  – unpublished

Roman religion in urban context: the case study of Apulum (Ph.D. thesis – in work)


Boda Imola, Szabó Csaba, Bibliography of Roman Religion in Dacia (BRRD).  Editura Mega, Cluj – Napoca, 2014.

  • ARTICLES or STUDIES  published in foreign (not Romanian) scientific journals

Urbs et cultus deorum. Római vallás a Kr.u. II – III. századi római városokban: módszertani áttekintés. In: Vallástudományi Szemle 1/2014

  • REVIEWS published in foreign (not Romanian) scientific journals

Sorin Nemeti, Dialoguri pagane. In: Vallástudományi Szemle 2013, nr. 3, 231 – 234.

Review: Rada Varga, The peregrini of Roman Dacia (106-212). Cluj- Napoca, 2014. In: Acta Archaeologica A.H. 65, 2014, 462-1-462.

  • ARTICLES or STUDIES published in foreign (not Romanian) popularizing journals 

Dacia and the Cult of Mithras. In: Mithras Reader: An Academic and Religious Journal of Greek, Roman and Persian Studies, Vol III., London, 2010, pp. 84 -99.

A nemzetközi Mithras kutatás legújabb eredményei. In: Ókor 2013/4, 54-60.

ARTICLES or STUDIES published in Romanian scientific volumes

   Mithras – un zeu antic si modern – In: Confulente si particularitati europene   (Valentin Trifescu ed.), Cluj, 2010, pp. 137 – 146.

Micro-regional Manifestation of a Private Cult. The Mithraic Community in Apulum. In: Moga, Iulian (ed.) Angels, demons and representations of Afterlife within the Jewish, Pagan and Christian Imagery. Antiqua et Mediaevalia. Iasi, 2013, 43 – 73. 

  • ARTICLES or STUDIES published in Romanian scientific journals

   Notes on a Dolichenian Relief from Mehadia. In: Marisia XXXI., 2011., 273 –283. pp. (coauthor: Boda Imola)

     Note despre un relief dolichenian din Mehadia. In: Arheologie şi Studii Clasice I., Dacica, Bucureşti, 2011, pp. 210 -225. (coauthor: Boda Imola)

    Searching for a lightbearer: notes on a mithraic relief from Dragu. In: Marisia XXXII., 2012, 135 – 145.pp.

     Comunitatea mithraică in Apulum.  In: Arheologie şi Studii Clasice II., 2012, 125 – 156.pp.

The Mithraic statue of Secundinus from Apulum. In: ReDiva. The Postgraduate Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology. I, 2013, 45 – 65.

The map of Roman Dacia in the recent studies. In JAHA 1, 2013

Discovering the  gods in Apulum. Histroiography and new perspectives. In: Rediva 2, 2014, 53-82.

  • REVIEWS published in Romanian scientific journals 

     Szabó Ádám: Daciai papság. Recenzió. In: Ephemeris Napocensis XXI./2011., 196 – 199.

Moga, Iulian, Cultele solare şi lunare în Asia Mică în timpul principatului (Solar and Lunar Cults in the age of the Principate). In: Ephemeris Napocensis XXII. 2012,  327  -331.

Pantheon. Journal for religious studies. Vol. 7. nr. 1.  In: Ephemeris Napocensis XXIII, 2013, 368-376.

Review: Kremer, Gabrielle (mit Beiträgen von Christian Gugl, Christian Uhlir und Michael Unterwurzacher), Götterdarstellungen, Kult – und Weihedenkmäler aus Carnuntum. Wien, 2012, pp.483 with 213 panels

  • ARTICLES or STUDIES published in Romanian popularizing journals

     Ízisz kultusza és sztatuáris emlékei a római Dáciában – XII. ETDK Régészet Szekció, I. hely, 2009. Erdélyi Magyar Adatbank 

    Cultul lui Mithras: itinerariul zeului misterelor. In: De Antiqvitate, nr. IV. 2012, pp. 54 -77. 

    Reconstruirea si restaurarea sanctuarelor mithraice. In: De Antiqvitate, nr. V. 2012, pp. 20 – 35.(

     Recenzie: Jörg Rüpke (ed.), A Companion to the Roman Religion. Blackwell, 2007 De Antiqvitate, nr. V. 2012, pp. 65 – 68.(

Monumente sculpturale mithraice din Apulum. In: De Antiqvitate nr. VI. 2013, pp. 32 – 46. 

Mithras kutatás Gyulafehérváron a XX. század előtt. In: Szabadság, 2013. május 15.

Mithram esse coronam sua! O liturgie mithraica reconstruita. In: De Antiquitate VII, 2013, 105  – 115.


    A konstantinápolyi latin közösség története születésétől hanyatlásáig. In: Confulente si particularitati europene (Valentin Trifescu ed.), 2010, 146 -161. pp. (románról)

     Religio Academici: Interjú Németh György ókortörténésszel. (magyarról románra). In: Tribuna. Revista Culturala Clujeana nr. 229.  2012. március 15., 21 -22. pp. 


More than 200 articles in local newspapers from Cluj, Alba Iulia and Satu Mare about history, culture and archaeological heritage.  


The Internet in the use of Archaeology and Ancient History (Hungarian)  – a collection of 150 links about ancient history and archaeology.

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