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The Digital Map of Apulum: topography of the finds

The conurbation of Apulum (castra legionis XIII Gemina, Colonia Aurelia Apulensis Chrysopolis and the canabae/Municipium Septimium Apulense/ Colonia Nova Apulensis) is the largest urban agglomeration in Dacia and one of the biggest in the Danubian provinces.  With thousands of exceptional objects, two recently excavated sanctuaries and a high potential for presenting its cultural heritage and tourism,  a dynamic map with all the Roman finds and discoveries of the city would be an urgent necessity for the scholarship.

dmaOur aim is to present on a Google Maps surface all the major sites and relevant finds finds from Apulum. The project’s final output (DMA- Digital Map of Apulum)  will be the result of a long durreé and difficult work: with more than 1000 articles and books published on the history of Apulum from the short remarks of Bonfini till  the works from 2016, our aim is to put on the map all of the finds and excavations which has an exact or an approximate find-spot (red – in situ or documented position, green – possibly in situ or approximate position and blue – secondary or uncertain position).

For the work we will use the first reports of excavations, publications of the museums (especially the journals of Apulum, Patrimonium Apulense) but also the Cronica Cercetarilor Arheologice and other archaeological databases. The work will need also an intensive fieldwork in Alba Iulia.

The main aim of the project is to shape for first time on a modern and dynamic map the lines of the largest conurbation of Dacia. See also: Szabó 2016.

The work is a part of my Ph.D. thesis entitled: Sanctuaries of Roman Dacia: materiality and religious experience which deals for the first time in details also with the religious life of Apulum.

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