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Csaba Szabó

Skype haszehem1987

Date and place of birth: 29/12/1987,

Satu Mare, Romania

Nationality: Hungarian

Religion: Calvinist (Protestant)

Current position: Ph.D. candidate


Work experience


Since 01/10/2012 member of the BRRD research group (Cluj – Napoca, RO)

– collecting the international bibliography

– managing the website of the project

– creating the Addenda for BRRD

01/10/2014 – 01/10/2016 member of the Sanctuary Project:

sacralization, spatiality, religious experience and materiality of the sanctuaries and sacred spaces in Dacia, especially Apulum

Since 20/02/2009– external contributor

Szabadság – kolozsvári napilap, Cluj – Napoca (Romania)

regular writer in topics: archaeology, historical and archaeological heritage, Hungarian minority in Romania, historiography of religious studies, urban history, culture (more than 200 articles)

Since 01/08/2008 Archaeologist (debutant, Cod Cimec AM-D-917)

2008–2011: Porolissum International Project (archaeological excavation Porolissum, C3 building)

2011 September: Temesvár –Lugoj highway (Giarmata- Jarmata) excavation

2012 July –August : Cluj Napoca archaeological excavation (Arges street)

2014 July: Mikháza (Calugareni, RO) – Limes Dacicus Project, volunteer

2014 August: Apulum IP, Alba Iulia (RO) – volunteer

2013-2016: Assistent of the Mithraeum Project in Alba Iulia (Babes – Bolyai University – Princeton University)


01/10/2007–15/06/2010 Bachelor in History (B.A.)

Babes – Bolyai University, Faculty of History and Philosophy, Cluj – Napoca (Romania) (Universal history, methodology and historiography, introduction to Roman provincial archaeology, ancient Greek, Latin languages (1-1 semesters)

01/10/2010–20/06/2012 Master degree (M.A.) in Roman provincial archaeology and ancient history, Babes- Bolyai University, Faculty of Hisstory and Philosophy . Department of Ancient History, Cluj -Napoca (Latin Epigraphy, History of ancient Rome, history of the Danubian Provinces (especially Dacia and Pannonia), Roman religious iconography,Cult of Mithras in Dacia, Archaeological Heritage and Law in Romania, New methods in Archaeological research, topography of Roman Dacia). Supervisor: dr. habil. Nemeti Sorin

01/10/2012–30/09/2016 Ph.D. candidate of Archaeology and Ancient History University of Pécs – Erfurt Universitat, Max-Weber-Kolleg für kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Studien Universität Erfurt (history of the Danubian provinces (I – IV. centuries A.D., early Christianity in Pannonia, Roman provincial archaeology in Dacia and Pannonia, the religious life of Apulum and the Roman cities in the Danubian provinces, the cult of Mithras in Apulum). Supervisors: dr. habil. Ádám Szabó, professor dr. Jörg Rüpke, professor dr. Greg Woolf

Grants and scholarships

  • 01/10/2008–15/05/2009 Pósta Béla Scholarship, Pósta Béla Archaeological Association, Cluj – Napoca (Romania) The cult of Isis in Roman Dacia
  • 17/11/2009–07/12/2009 Márton Áron Scholarship for undergraduate students, Eötvös Lóránd University Faculty of Humanities, Department of Archaeology, Budapest (Hungary): The cult of Mithras in Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa
  • 20/03/2011–17/04/2011 Márton Áron Scholarship for undergraduate students, Eötvös Lóránd University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Archaeology, Budapest (Hungary): The reconstruction and restauration of the Mithraic sanctuaries: case study of Aquincum. (with the supervision of prof. dr. Tamás Mezős)
  • 17/11/2011–07/12/2011 Márton Áron Scholarship for undergraduate students University of Pécs, Department of Archaeology, Pécs (Hungary):The cult of Mithras in Apulum (I.)
  • 11/04/2012–11/05/2012 Márton Áron Scholarship for undergraduate students, University of Pécs, Department of Archaeology, Pécs (Hungary): The cult of Mithras in Apulum (II.)
  • 01/10/2012–30/08/2015 Balassi Bálint Ph.D. scholarship, University of Pécs, Department of Archaeology, Pécs (Hungary) financed by the Ministry of Human Resources, Hungary
  • 01/10/2012–30/06/2013: Erasmus Placement Research Scholarship, National History Museum of Transylvania, Cluj – Napoca (Romania): Bibliography of Roman religion in Dacia
  • 01/09/2013–15/12/2013 Campus Hungary Doctoral Scholarship, Accademia di Romania, Roma, Rome (Italy): The sacral topography of Rome in the II – III. centuries A.D. researching in the Library of the American Academy and the German Archaeological Institute
  • 01/03/2014–30/04/2014: DAAD Doctoral Scholarship Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies at the University of Erfurt, Erfurt (Germany): Roman religion in urban context in the II – III. centuries A.D. A methodological overview
  • 01/10/2014–1/10/2016: Ph.D. scholarship (joint agreement between PTE and Erfurt Universitaet) as part of the Sanctuary Project,  research funded by the award of an Anneliese Maier Prize to Professor Greg Woolf by the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation on the nomination of Professor Dr. Jörg Rüpke of the Max Weber Center of the University of Erfurt.



Mother tongue(s): Hungarian

Other language(s): Romanian (C1 – oral and written examination and certificate of Baccalaureates), English (B2 – oral examination, certificate of baccalaureates), German (A2, written examination, certificate of baccalaureates), Italian (A1)


  • Member of Hungarian Students from Cluj since 2007
  • Member and ex president of the Association of Historian Students from Cluj since 2007
  • Junior member of the Transylvanian Museum Society, Cluj since 2007
  • Member of the Pósta Béla Archaeological Association since 2007
  • Member of the Heuréka Society from Pécs, Hungary since 2011
  • Member of the Association of Romanian Archaeologists since 2013 (arheolog debutant)
  • Member of the Histories of Archaeology Research Network (HARN) since 2015
  • Member in the editorial board of the Postgraduate Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology (ReDiva)
  • Member of the External Public Body of Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2017

Other activities

  • organizer of the “Si deus si dea”: new perspectives in the study of Roman religion from Dacia” conference, October, 2014. Cluj (with Imola Boda and Sorin Nemeti)
  • organizer of the “Adalbert Cserni: the pioneers of urban archaeology in Alba Iulia and beyond” international conference, 15-17 April, 2016 (with. G.Rustoiu, V.R. Bolindet, G. Bounegru, M.Gligor, D.H.Biro)
  • admin of numerous popularizing websites on Roman Religion, Apulum and Géza Alföldy.




  1. Csaba Szabó – Imola Boda, Bibliography of Roman Religion in Dacia (BRRD). Cluj -Napoca, 2014.
  2. Csaba Szabó, Béla Cserni and the beginnings of urban archaeology in Alba Iulia. Cluj –Napoca, 2016


Csaba Szabó, Cautes bikafejjel: egy ritka ikonográfia nyomában, 2015


 For all articles and reviews see HERE.

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