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Sacralised spaces in Pompeii – a visual guide

November 28, 2019

I don’t even need to tell, that the bibliography on Roman religion in Pompeii is tremendous.  I presume, that there are hundreds of articles and books exclusively on this topic. Even the issue of Christianity and the cult of Mithras in Pompeii – although there are almost no evidence of the existence of these new religious movements before 79 AD – produced a huge number of articles.

From the great number of articles focusing on Roman religious communication in public, secondary and private spaces in Pompeii, the best work was written probably by William van Andringa in 2009: Quotidien des dieux et des hommes : la vie religieuse dans les cités du Vésuve à l’époque romaine. Another important work is focusing on the so called spatial aspects of religious communication written by Miko Flohr.

Although it might seems, that Pompeii is a treasure for researchers to understand the details of Roman religious communication in urban context, unfortunately, the 250 years long research history and archaeology of the site destroyed many of the evidences and we have issues to reconstruct the interior of a temple even in the most well known cases.

here are some photos from public temples, sanctuaries and house shrines of Pompeii:

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