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Actualities 2017 – the study of Roman religion in this year

December 25, 2017

Since I’m following the major publications on Roman religion (2013-2017), more than 120 monographs and major books were published on this topic. This shows clearly, how 9780198792536abundant became this scholarship, it is hard even to follow the speed of “production”. The publish or perish phenomenon invaded Roman religious studies too, which has positive and negative aspects too: lot of books were focusing in this year on brand new topics too, while others tried to reinterpret old questions or to give new, paradigmatic approaches. Another positive aspect, that numerous books from Central-East Europe were published too, integrating this part of the EU in the international scholarship. This year was marked by numerous imortant works on Celtic religion, a new wave of Mithraic studies and as the ending year of the paradigmatic Lived Ancient Religion project, it produced some programmatic works (and more will be followed next year). The list of the major works in 2013-2017 you can find HERE.




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