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New perspectives in the study of Roman religion in Dacia

January 12, 2017

Roman religion and the archaeology of religion became a popular topic also in Romanian research in the last decade. Due to the internationalisation of the humanities, the accessibility of Western literature and the mobility of Romanian scholars in Europe and beyond positively stimulated the research of Roman religion in Dacia.

With more than 1100 titles published on Roman religion, the research was focusing especially on creating catalogues, analysing individual cults and social aspects of some divinities or the religious “life” of some cities. Some of the topics, such as early 10367786_827479320605025_5899925886689648426_nChristianity was a priority, even if there is no direct proof of Christian groups in Dacia or even in later periods.

The new tendencies of the research (Lived Ancient Religion approach, new methods and approaches in the archaeology of religion) offered also for the Romanian scholars alternatives to interpret the materiality of Roman religion from Romania in a different way. New excavations opened opportunities to reform our view on archaeology of religion and a newly emerging theoretical discussion on this topic will be hopefully useful for further researches.

Our new edited volume – a special edition of the Studia UBB Historia Journal – is a first step for such an attempt. Many of the articles are trying to introduce a new approach and to interpret the material beyond iconography or typologies, but focusing on use, production, material and the relationship with human and divine agencies.


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