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Experiences of sanctuaries, experiences of Empire

September 6, 2015

The Sanctuary Project founded by the award of an Anneliese Maier Prize to Professor Greg Woolf by the Humboldt Foundation on the nomination of Professor Dr Jörg Rüpke of the Max Weber Center of the University of Erfurt, will meet for the second time after a successful workshop held in April, 2015 in Erfurt.

The conference, entitled “Experiences of sanctuaries, experiences of Empire” will be organized as a collaboration of the CURERE group with the Sanctuary Project between 8-10th September in Manchester, and will focus on the following questions:

How did the Roman empire affect creation, design, operation and experience of sanctuaries? How did it affect individual experiences (perhaps as reflected in texts)? How did it affect communal experiences such as pilgrimage to sanctuaries? How did it affect the experiences of citizens, non-citizens, and diaspora communities? How did imperial cult sanctuaries affect religious development? How was the empire’s destructive effects on some sanctuaries reflected in religious development?

The detailed program is attached below:

Sanctuaries CURERE Sep mtg prog


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