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CIMRM Supplementum for Dacia: some notes

January 30, 2015

As in many provinces already exist, a revision of Vermaseren’s monumental corpus is a great necessity.

Here are some new elements, recently (re)discovered which change some pages in the CIMRM.

CIMRM 1938 – rediscovered last year in the museum of Arad

CIMRM 1986 – not exist, identical with the previous one

CIMRM 2033 – first English publication of the small finds from Sarmizegetusa

Post CIMRM discoveries:

mithraeum in Municipium Septimium Apulense discovered in 2008. Still under research. Unpublished. Short report here.

Haynes 2005, 38-45: altar dedicated to Deus Invictus (possibly Mithras) found in the territory of the Colonia Aurelia Apulensis.

AE 2010, 1369: inscription dedicated probably to Mithras or Sol Invictus. The nature of the divinity is still under debate (Cluj-Napoca)

Sicoe 2014, cat. nr.22. Statue base in marmor dedicated to Cautopates (Colonia Aurelia Apulensis, discovered in 2003). No photo published yet.

Szabó 2015: torso and head of Cautes (from the conurbation of Apulum, found in secondary position in 2014).

Szabó et al. 2016: votive column dedicated to Mithras by a well known worshiper. Article in press.

fig. 2.

The recently rediscovered CIMRM 1938. Photos by Victor Sava, Museum of Arad


the recently found torso of Cautes

the recently found head of Cautes


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