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Actualities: Housing the Chosen

August 3, 2014

The new book of Inge Nielsen is a very useful one. Entitled “Housing the chosen: the architectural context of mystery groups and religious associations in the Ancient World” (Brepolis Publishers, 2014) is a response for a highly fruitful topic. Nowadays, when the cognitive archaeology and the archaeology of the sacred (Fontana 2013) challenging HOUSINGour discipline with many unasked questions, Nielsen’s book is a very important one. As we know, many of the collegia buildings, associations and small religious groups are reinterpreted not only as religious communities (Bonnet-Bricault 2013) but also their building and getthering halls (Diaconescu 2012). The new interpretation of the Mithraic communities from Ostia (Rohde 2012, Marchesini 2013) and the reinterpretation of the role of the collegia in the spread of the mystery cults (Goffaux 2012) ask also a lot of questions about the buildings, where these small communities gathered. Analyzing these buildings, as sacred spaces, spaces of rituals, spaces full with feelings, processions and convivial activities, we can get very tempting answers about a particular part of the religious life of the ancient man.  Review of the book in preparation by V. Gasparini.

More about new books, here.


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