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Actualities: Religious transformations

November 26, 2013

The new volume of the famous Brill series (Religions of the Greco – Roman World – RGRW) edited by the famous Laurent Bricault and Corinne Bonnet is entitled “Panthée: Religious transformation in the Greco – Roman World“. Among the contributors we can find many of the leading 60463sholars of Roman religion, Jörg Rüpke, Richard Gordon,  John Scheid, Nicole Belayche, Giulia Sfameni Gasparro and Ted Kaizer. Fortunatelly, we can find online an article from the volume, the very interesting theory about “emotional communities” and the effect of the “fear” on religious ceremonies written by Angelos Chaniotis.

Short presentation of the book from Brill:

Panthée presents a collective reflection relating to the changes that affected the Graeco-Roman Empire and over the long term altered its religious landscapes. Fifty years after the foundation of the series EPRO, the volume aims to avoid the division between the supposedly “Roman” or “Graeco-Roman” and the “Oriental” by linking the available information relating the different major areas, such as the relation between local and global, the place of emotions in relation to soteriological and initiatory aspects, strategies of integration and negotiation of identities. For the first time the leading specialists in every field bring their approaches into contact with one another, and jointly construct a picture of practices and conceptual frames, which, in their diversity and inter-action, model a religious universe whose complexity will help to understand our modern globalising world.


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