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Actualities: Cities and Gods

June 25, 2013

Nowadays it is very popular in modern studies of the Roman religion the research of some religious phenomenon in micro – regional, and especially, urban contexts. After the work of Jörg Rüpke and H. Canzik in 1997 (with few predecesors in the historiography, like some short studies regarding the micro – regional manifestation of the Roman religion in some cities like Eburacum, Carnuntum, Poetovio, Dura Europos, Palmyra, Carthago, Londinium) in 2012, an international team lead by Ted Kaizer, published a very interesting book, entitled “Cities and Gods: religious space in transition as a supplement of the series of the Annual Papers of the Mediterranean (BABESCH).

After the Introduction of the authors, there are 3 chapters: religious architecture in urban contexts (4 articles), ritual and perception of sacred urban space (5 articles) and the impact of new religious traditions on civic space ( articles).

The books is an important contribution for the widespread studies of the urban religion, which surelly became an urgent way of methodology for Danubian provinces too.


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