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Actualities: Historical and Religious Memory

December 14, 2012

The new book of  Beate Dignas and R.R. Smith Historical and Religious Memory in the Ancient World. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2012. Pp. xix, 338 is celebrating the work of Simon Price, died last year before the apparition o this book.  It is divided in three major parts and contains 13 articles.


Short review by Julia Shear, HERE.

“In the words of the editors Beate Dignas and R. R. R. Smith, this collection of essays ‘is inspired by and celebrates the work of Simon Price, and his wide-ranging interest in the role of religious and historical memory in ancient societies has shaped its theme’ (1). Deriving from a day-long conference held in 2008 to mark the honorand’s retirement from Oxford, the volume constitutes a memorial both to the late Simon Price and to his friendship with and generosity to his colleagues and students, who are the authors of the individual papers. As such, it admirably fulfils the editors’ desire to celebrate the work of the honorand. With the exception of chapters 2 and 6, the essays focus in various ways on historical and religious memory in the Roman empire and the late antique east. True to its purpose of honouring a well-known scholar, the collection does not provide an introduction to memory studies in the Greek and Roman world.”


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